Couples Classes

Couples Classes

Thinking about trying something new with your significant other, best friend, or co-worker?  We believe that sometimes things come better in pairs.  The core lesson plan is customized to the couple’s needs, classes are conducted in a fun and dynamic way.  You will reach your ultimate goal of learning Spanish with a partner, in this way you will never be alone.

Some of the benefits of Couples classes are:  


Only for two:  When you buy a Couples Classes you do not need to worry about getting more people in the group. This is a class just for two.


Customized:  You tell us your goals and teachers will enjoy drafting with you a personalized Lesson Plan.


Comfortable Space:  We offer a quiet and comfortable space to learn in, alongside the many exciting resources offered by our work environment.


The length per class is 1.5 hours once a week with a package of 9 hours with a cost of $75 per hour per couple.

The total package is $675.