Mission Statement

District Spanish is a Spanish education center that encourages and motivates students to proactively reach their language learning objectives. We promote student and teacher relationships, customize learning curriculum, and provide great and effective spaces and services to reach customer satisfaction. We have a passionate team of language coaches who guide our students to reach their full potential. At District Spanish, students immerse themselves in the culture of Spanish-speaking countries, with the ultimate goal of having a fun time learning.


Our goal is to foster Spanish immersion inside and outside of the classroom by building a strong Spanish-speaking community, compiling a wealth of language resources, and having an array of cultural immersion activities to encourage the learning experience.

Meet the Team

We are a group of passionate native Spanish speaking teachers who want to share our culture with you, while guiding and coaching you in the process of learning Spanish. We believe that when you learn a language you also learn the culture and its people’s ways. We want you to experience Spanish through our eyes and get to enjoy learning this beautiful language while having fun.

Gerardo Dominguez

Manager & Instructor

Gerardo is a proud native of El Salvador and has a background in engineering. He has worked in teaching both English and Spanish for over ten years, and loves working alongside students towards their language goals in a way that is captivating and fun. When not watching soccer, playing soccer, or talking about soccer, Gerardo enjoys playing guitar, pizza, Star Wars, biking, learning new languages, and traveling with his beautiful wife. He would love to meet you and help you speak like a native Spanish speaker.

Alejandra was born in Spain and has worked and/or traveled throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. She has been teaching Spanish, French, Latin and the history and evolution of Romance languages to individual students and in schools for the past seven years. She is passionate about languages as a tool for communication, understanding and peace, and believes that if her students don´t find learning fun and exciting...she´s doing it wrong! Alejandra has many passions including animal behavior, art, traveling, cooking and illustrating and writing children´s books.

Alejandra Abella


Virginia Otero


Virginia is a fun and energetic teacher from Argentina whose passion has always been education. Her smile is so contagious - she’ll brighten your day in no time! Back in Buenos Aires she was an English Teacher, then she came to the USA and realized that she really wanted to share her culture and language. In her free time she loves hanging out with her friends and family.

Originally from Russia, Filipp has been living and working in Latin America for almost 20 years. His mother from Russia and his father from Venezuela provided him with a diverse background so his native languages are Spanish and Russian. He is also fluent in English and French. He had the chance to live in Venezuela when he was young, and has even taught Spanish in countries like El Salvador. He has a diverse education and working experience in the social and political fields around the world. Filipp is a sport enthusiast and a natural born educator. He is convinced that attitudes such as motivation and self-confidence must be fostered though dynamic methods and effective reciprocity in the classroom.

Filipp Rodriguez


Felipe Escudero


Felipe was born and raised in Colombia, where he grew up cycling the mountains and volcanoes of his native city of Manizales. When he wasn't biking, he was studying social sciences and obtaining his TEFL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certificate. He has been teaching Social Studies, Spanish and English to children, teenagers, and adults for years. Besides his bike, he loves literature, geography, history, traveling and meeting people from all walks of life. He traveled on a bus through South America, from Colombia to Argentina; listening to the different accents, intonations, stories, and words that emerged during the trip. Felipe believes that teaching is an amazing way to improve yourself, because when you’re a teacher you never stop learning and everyday is a new adventure with your students.

Katherine or Katy (as she likes to be called) was born in Peru. She is proud of her native language and her country's multicultural heritage. Her background in literature and linguistics has made her appreciate the power of communication and its many cultural representations. She believes teaching is helping others reach their full potential but it is also a learning process. She incentivizes dialogue that accommodates to the student’s needs. She also has a background in film and music. On her free time, she spends time outdoors, reading and she enjoys having a good conversation. ¨

Katherine León


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